its one the topiv more essentiel how to sell bitcoin You do not yet have a Bitcoin / Ethereum wallet, you can come to our exchange office with a smartphone (Android, iOS) and our experts will help you easily install a wallet. For any important purchase (> 500 €), we recommend you to use the Ledger Nano, a smart card that connects to your computer or smartphone and that very effectively secures your bitcoins (available at Maison du Bitcoin at Starting from 34.80 € TTC). After saving your data and creating your account, your transaction will take only a few minutes. The commissions at our physical counter are: For cash payments, the commission is fixed at 10%. For credit card payments, the commission is degressive according to the cumulated purchases: How to Sell Bitcoins at Our Physical Counter In the same way, we buy your bitcoins for cash in a few minutes. You will need : Of a valid identity document Of the Bitcoin or Ethereum portfolio that protects the funds in question 71297http://